About the header image.

My Fraternity Brother Matt Sloggett did all the graphic design on my header page.

He took a photo that I had taken of La Plata Peak, in June, 2008, while Vanessa and I were climbing Blarney Peak.  La Plata is a classic mountaineer’s mountain, with an epic ski descent.  It holds a special place in my memory, as the culmination of my first season as a backcountry splitboarder, and documented in my trip report here.  I still do not know exactly which of the many “X-shaped” couloirs that we descended.  I know that my only hopes of identifying it will be to climb back up there again, which I just may have to do.

The photo of me is superimposed over the mountain, and obviously not to scale.  However, it represents my typical gear on a cold and windy mountain ridge above 13,000 feet.  I am wearing a Loki Primaloft technical coat and Smith Variant Brim helmet.  That helmet saved my life a few hours after the photo was taken.