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Flobots in Aspen

Saturday, January 24th, 2009

I have been back up in the Roaring Fork Valley for that past 24 hours.  I did a little riding on Ajax, but discovered that only a few inches of snow had fallen on some very solidly hardpack that had developed from the past two weeks of sunshine.  There was a strange phenomenon on top of the mountain.  It was 38 degrees and foggy.  The snow that was falling had such a wet consistensy that it built up right on the outside lense of my goggles.

I packed it in by noon, but just as I was unstrapping my bindings at the base of the gondola, I was surrounded by a concert crew setting up a stage and railings, with a sign that said “FLOBOTS – 5:30 PM”

I had wanted to see this band since my friend had been so inspired by a grassroots show at the DNC this past August in Denver, so I stuck around town, mingling in and out of various establishments.

Checked out what used to be the Cooper Street Tavern.  Now it is called “Bad Billys”, but surprise-surprise: it looks exactly the same inside.  I even saw X Games Silver Medalist Tanner Hall drinking some beers with his entourage.

Flobots put on a good show on a very small stage.  I had gotten there just before they started their set, and there was less than 100 people there.  By the end of the show, the crowd had built up to a large mass that crawled up the face of the mountain, and enveloped the Gondola plaza.

After the show, I went back to a friends house but was locked out.  So instead of waiting I bought a ticket to see Underworld: Rise of the Lycans.  I’m a huge fan of these movies and love the storyline.  The third installmant was a true prequel to the first too, but much more intense.  Althought it could be considered a love story, the violence and gore was off the charts.  My dad would love it.  My girlfriend probably wouldn’t.

During a preview, I noticed something odd that I’ve never seen before.  The title of an upcoming disaster movie was “2012″.  At the end of the preview, when they usually show some text telling you when the movie will come out, it said Google Search: 2012.  I almost laughed out loud.  The moviemakers have thrown all subtlety out the window by either instructing viewers how to go about finding out more about the movie, using Google.

I plan to hang around up here for a bit more and snowboard.  My original plan was to start heading west through Utah towards the West Coast, but the forecast is calling for a lot of rain.  That type of weather would make for a miserable time when camping in flash flood territory.