Trip Reports

This is a comprehensive list of backcountry Trip Reports that I have written.  I have included these to share my experiences and provide beta to anyone who is planning a similar route in the future.  Trips are listed in alphabetical order, with the date that I did the route.


The Dragon’s Tail Couloir (February 16, 2008)

Eldora Mountain (May 6, 2007)

James Peak (April 21, 2007)

La Plata Peak (May 26, 2007)

Loveland Ski Area (March 22, 2008)

Pacific Peak (May 12, 2007)

Mt. Sherman (May 19, 2007)

Torrey’s Peak, ‘Tuning Fork Couloir’ (March 20, 2009)

Friends Hut via Pearl Pass (May 1, 2009)

Star Peak, ‘June Couloir’ (May 2, 2009)

Greg Mace Peak (May 3, 2009)


Mount Rainier (May 9, 2009)

Mount Saint Helens (May 15, 2009)